Photo of Nick Moore in workshop

Nick Moore grew up in the great furniture-town of High Wycombe, England.  Nick’s woodworking interest is instinctual, and has been life-long. Nick formalized his interest, studying Furniture Production and Management at Buckinghamshire Chiltern University. Over the next six years, he gained professional experience in restoration and upholstery.

Nick travelled to Canada in 2005 after enrolling at the Rosewood School of Fine Woodworking, in Almonte, Ontario, for a 9-month course covering various facets related to building fine furniture. He remained at Rosewood for four years, as a Resident Craftsman, assisting students while beginning to take on commissions and design and build his own speculative pieces.   

Today, Nick and his wife Hilary manage a 100 acre organic farm in Lanark, Ontario, where Nick also has a woodwork shop of his own.  Over the past 10 years Nick has developed a reputation for his high quality craftsmanship, whether it be designing and building a piece of furniture or his restoration work of antique furniture pieces.   More recently, Nick has applied his furniture restoration skills to restoring the interior wood panelling of vintage European cars.

As his famous Lobster Trap Chair shows perfectly, Nick’s style of furniture showcases his enjoyment of modern clean lines and handcrafted quality joinery.  His pieces to date show off his exploration of marquetry, carving, inlay and veneering.  Nick approaches furniture with an open mind and a confidence of understanding how wood works.

“I believe we live in exciting times as furniture makers. New technologies are providing us with innovative ways of pushing design boundaries, and, coupled with hand skills taught to the highest tolerance, we should have every confidence in succeeding.”

Contact Nick to discuss commissions, restorative projects or ask any questions regarding any particular piece featured here.